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A Singular Quandary for Trinitarians



  1. a state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation.

I recently came across the following statement :

“Modern science is based upon the principle, ‘give us one free miracle and we’ll explain the rest.’ And the one free miracle is the appearance of all the matter and energy in the universe and all the laws that govern it, from nothing, in a single instant.”
— Terence McKenna.


Of course, after this statement was made the scientists objected to the term “from nothing”.


They don’t believe everything came “from nothing” — that would be preposterous!


Rather, they now insist that the Big Bang arose from “the Singularity”.


In the Singularity was everything! All time, all space. All thoughts that ever were and will be. It is both an eternity and no time at all. The Singularity contained every law, all matter and energy, and the spark of Life as one.


So, basically, they don’t just want ONE free miracle, they want TWO!


The first: everything that ever would be, compressed into a SINGLE POINT infinitely small but infinitely dense. This SINGULARITY somehow miraculously and mysteriously just appears out of nothing and nowhere at some point before time existed.


The second: the BIG BANG — the event that marked the beginning of time, and in which everything in the SINGULARITY is released in a burst of light and energy.


Everything that happened subsequently was spontaneous and random “evolution” – from the formation of all matter and the laws and forces that govern it, to life itself in all the myriad forms in which we observe its existence – from the microscopic, to the Plant Kingdom, to the Animal Kingdom, and to Humanity itself.

There was no cause and no purpose and no design; no intelligence, no rational sequence, no destiny, no reason; no good, no evil, no right, no wrong, no moral, no immoral; no controlling influence, no guidance, no direction….


Of course, they laugh us to scorn for believing in a Creator God who Intelligently Designed everything that now exists, who existed before time, and who spoke the universe into existence in a burst of light and energy.


1 Timothy 6:20

… avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called.


Post Script

I do note with some irony that even the atheist in his denial of any Supreme Deity allows for only a SINGULARITY…. which in a weird way almost puts him slightly ahead of the Trinitarian!




Pastor Tim D. Cormier
Bristol, Tennessee

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