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A bridge broken at both ends and in the middle

I would love to see the apostles in a “debate” with Trinitarians….

I am certain they would not temporize and equivocate about the essence of the Deity as some contemporary fence-riding pseudo-Pentecostals do.

Instead of building bridges to the “gates of Hell” it seems to me we should be more concerned with being firmly established on the “ladder to Heaven” and being the “gateway to Heaven” for an unbelieving world whose “god” has blinded their minds, lest they should see the true nature of God in Jesus Christ — the image of God.

The true “Church” — the only one that Jesus said He would build — is founded on the incontrovertible fact that Jesus Christ is the One Lord and God of Deut. 6:4, manifest in the Flesh; and He, as the Son, is also the Mighty God and the Everlasting Father of Isaiah 9:6. Surely our level of knowledge about the nature of the Deity is at least on par with “demons” who tremble when they are confronted with the fact that God is ONE!

It is obvious to the careful reader that none of the writers of the sacred scriptures knew anything of the doctrine of the Trinity; neither did they describe or even hint of God existing eternally in three persons. The scripture declares unequivocally that God is ONE in essence. Carnal minds (i.e., unregenerate minds) will NEVER be able to fully grasp what can only be spiritually discerned. Furthermore, those who have been Born Again but who fail to receive the Love of the Truth are inevitably doomed to God-given delusions!

I have no personal ax to grind with Jakes, but from where I stand he appears to “love” people (and hi$ extremely lucrative, broad-ba$ed empire) more than he loves the truth. I would love for him to prove me wrong and start preaching apostolic doctrine without regard to how much it costs him, or how many of his followers fall off his “bridges to Hell”.

Someone once said, “A Savior not quite God is a bridge broken at the farther end.”

Well, I would emend that statement as follows:

“A Savior not God all by Himself is a bridge broken at both ends and in the middle!”

Pastor Tim D. Cormier

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