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Are You Ready For The Next Millennium?

[This article was written 11 years ago when the world was facing the Y2K scare.]

“This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.”
—2 Timothy 3:1

Ready or not, here it comes.

The countdown for the Year 2000 has already started. And while our calendar may not be exactly synchronized with God’s, who would dispute the fact that we are indeed living in the last of the last days? Therefore, we would be wise to well consider the dangers that the Scriptures portray as being prevalent in the last days.

Surprisingly enough, our greatest threat does not come from the computer glitch (known as the Y2K bug, or the Millennium bug). Having been a computer programmer for twenty years, I can attest to the magnitude of the crisis our world is facing from this quarter; yet, in spite of this “inside information,” my largest concern is over the perils enumerated by the Apostle Paul in II Timothy 3.

Somehow I feel that the devil has managed to create a vast smokescreen, which has diverted our attention from the gross spiritual darkness that is enveloping the world, and is even attempting to extinguish the flame of the New Testament, Apostolic, Jesus-Name Church. And while we worry about the next millennium and its attendant crises, worldliness and spiritual apathy are creeping up all around us.

It never ceases to be amazing how great things grow out of small things. Why should we waste time worrying about Y2K when we should be agonizing over how such a tiny thing as a split skirt can grow into fornication and even adultery?! —Or how seemingly innocent electronic chatter in the global neighborhood can turn into lasciviousness and licentiousness powerful enough to permanently mar the minds of our young people?

The greatest perils that we are facing are not the ones that the gloom-and-doomers are ranting about. And should the economy of the world collapse—as some are predicting, we are yet in greater jeopardy from a spiritual decay than from an economic one. The winds of false doctrine and compromise are blowing with unprecedented ferocity, hell-bent on forever extinguishing the light from Truth’s beacon. The ocean of sin is at high tide, and its unrelenting waves beat mercilessly upon our shores, desperately striving to contaminate our reservoirs of holiness and purity.

And while it is clear from our Savior’s words that the gates of hell shall not prevail  against His Church, it is equally apparent that many have succumbed to the pressures of our contemporary society and have been washed overboard by foolish and hurtful lusts—only to drown in destruction and perdition. 

Should we, the Apostolic Church, be worrying about the Y2K/Millennium computer bug? Or should we be wondering about how Hollywood styles have mysteriously materialized in our hair-do’s and in our wardrobes? And why are so many Apostolic churches plagued with fornication and adultery and incest?

Even so, come Lord Jesus!         


Rev. Tim D. Cormier

Reprinted from the January, 1999 issue of the Apostolic Standard. 

(C) Copyright held by Tim D. Cormier. This document may not be reproduced in whole or in part, except for personal use, without the express written permission of the author.

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